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Welcome, visitor. Please bear with me as I get the barn raised. This website is a perpetual practice project, so it's absolutely subject to change without notice. Whether you're a long time model horse collector, a newbie to the hobby, an all-around horse lover, randomly curious, or just randomly surfing, I hope you'll find something here that makes your visit worthwhile.

If you like horse stories - and since you're here, you probably do - I've started a list of personal favorites on my Heroic Horse Tales page. IMHO, this is the type of list that really can't get too long, so expect additions without warning. ;)

Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Wondering if I've been reported to INS for hiring Jar Jar Binks?  Contact me at redoakranch AT rocketmail DOT com.

Really bored?  You can always check out the natterings of a nerd. :) You're also welcome to follow me (at your own risk) on Twitter:

Warning: I am both political and politically incorrect.

Whether you're new to model horse collecting and showing or an old hand, you'll want to check out the latest happenings at MEPSA, the Model Equine Photo Showers Association. Come join the fun - we have something for everyone, from beginner to seasoned competitor!


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