Barn Bling

Since I don't have the acreage for real horses OR real barns, when it comes to the latter, I have to once again make use of what's available. Over the years I've developed quite a fondness for boxes. I've even been known to save boxes from OTHER people's presents at birthdays and Christmas, if the box looks especially promising. I do try to wait until they've completely removed their gift, rather than grabbing the box and handing the contents to them.

6th placeGypsy Moon8th place

One of my all time favorite indoor setups, this is my prized North Light mule "Gypsy Moon", hanging out in front of a single stall stable - which is actually a wooden front built onto a box. The doors have dollhouse slidebolts and hinges, and really do open and close. The lamp would have been fully functional as well had I known before I clipped the wires at the base that the simple way to light it up was attach the wires to a 9 volt battery on the other side of the barn wall. Phooey.

Update: The results are in for the Totally Online Photo Show Association 2010 Championships. Gypsy Moon qualified for this year-end finale against some very stiff competition, and brought home her first champ placing ribbons in an online show!

old barn

This is another front built onto a much smaller box. I snapped this pic simply as a demo shot for a friend who was asking for example photos of smaller models as she pondered a digital camera purchase. It wasn't until I uploaded the photo that I realized how much wear and tear over time has added to this stables originally intended weatherbeaten look. Some rainy afternoon I'll do some repairs and slap on a fresh coat of paint (and probably some new doors *ahem*). The pony is a Schleich Shetland, just under 2.5" tall at the ears. Does this little dude have a 'tude or what?

schleich stable

The only stable I have that I actually bought. I was able to part with the box it came in as the box was flat, the stable being one of those some-assembly-required deals. This is a Schleich stable, and true to Schleich standards it is detailed and very well built. I still had to do a bit of painting; the doors were originally yellow, which I felt clashed way too much with the nice factory red roof. It's too large of a scale to work with Breyer Stablemates or Stone Chips horses, but fortunately Schleich has a pretty decent line of horses as well. A lot of them make nice shelf pieces, and although they're geared as childrens toys, some of them are show-worthy, even by todays high hobby competition standards.

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